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Metal detectors metal detectors metal detectors plastic mate

  • Category: Food metal detector
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Metal detectors metal detectors metal detectors plastic matedescription:

Metal detectors metal detectors metal detectors plastic materials Huayi HY8809YJ

1 metal detector  metal detectors metal detectors plastic materials applicable areas: 
For chemicals, rubber, plastics, textiles, leather, chemical, toys, paper industry product testing. 
Dairy products, health products, biological products, food, meat, mushrooms, sweets, drinks, food, fruits and vegetables, aquatic products, food additives, spices, and other industries metallic foreign body detection. 
2 metal detectors metal detectors metal detectors plastic materials features: 
1 self-learning function, Fool menu prompts and simple operation. 
2 Intelligent LCD function, smartphone operating system, and more powerful; product effect the elimination of self-learning function, high detection sensitivity. 
3 for aquatic products, frozen food, pickles and other products with a strong ability to inhibit the effect.

Metal detectors principle: the use of alternating current through the coil, resulting in a rapidly changing magnetic field. The magnetic field inside the metal object can be an eddy current can be induced. Eddy current will produce a magnetic field, the magnetic field affect the original upside down, causing the detector beeps. Accuracy and reliability depends on the stability of the metal detector frequency electromagnetic launchers, general use from 80 to 800 kHz operating frequency. The lower the frequency, the better the detection performance of iron; the higher the frequency, the better the performance of the detection of high carbon steel. Detector sensitivity increases with decrease of the detection range, the sensor signal depends on the metal particle size and conductive properties. 
4.IP69 waterproof rating, suitable for humid and high temperature, low temperature working environment.Has good waterproof function. 
3 metal detectors metal detectors metal detectors plastic materials parameters: 
Huayi metal detector 8809 series 
HY8809YJ digital intelligent metal detectors metal detectors metal detectors model types of plastic materials 
Standard models detection channel width (mm) 500 600 (customized non-standard) 
Detection channel height (mm) 100 120 150 200 250 300 350 400 
Detection sensitivity iron ball diameter ∅ (mm) 0.6 0.8 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 
SUS304 stainless steel ball ∅ (mm) 1.2 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5 
Copper and aluminum non-ferrous metals such as lead ∅ (mm) 1.2 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5